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Whether you never left the work environment, always had a hybrid office - remote structure, or totally left the office and are just coming back to it in one form or another, one thing that is true is that the Pandemic changed things for all of us, forever.  We have learned that we're more vulnerable than we thought we were, that our people are a bit scared about being in the office again, and that we, as employers, need to make sure that we provide our employees and visitors with a clean, safe, healthy environment. We also know that this is not easy to do.

We can help you with this.  There are three steps for the proper protection of your work environment that you need to take.


  1.  Work with an Office Care Partner that will provide you with excellent Weekly Office Care, including excellent sanitizing and manual disinfecting. Have a look at our Ultimate Office Cleaning service.
  2. The new two steps are what make up our Ultimate Office Germ Protection service. Go beyond manual disinfecting with a deep Disinfecting, using an Electrostatic Sprayer to ensure the deepest disinfection of surfaces that have already been cleaned. This is what our Ultimate Office Disinfecting service is all about. This should be done at least every month, if not more frequently.
  3. For the Ultimate long lasting protection from the recurrence of Microbes (bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and algae), apply AEGIS Microbe Shield, with our Ultimate Antimicrobial Surface Treatment service, approximately every six months.


If you have all three of these steps performed in your work environment, your people and visitors will be safe and protected, and everyone can feel a lot more comfortable about being in the office!



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Our Ultimate Office Germ Protection Services



Ultimate Office Disinfecting


Effective against Viruses (including Covid) and Bacteria


Our Ultimate Office Disinfecting service is a two step process. We first  manually perform a deep Pre-Clean of all Frequently Touched Touchpoints*, to remove all dirt and debris, and then we use an Electrostatic Sprayer to apply a very fine mist of electrostatically charged Quat-based Disinfectant to ALL hard surfaces.  Staff and visitors can enter the work environment ten minutes after the Ultimate Office Disinfecting is completed.


This process should be done at least every month, if not more frequently.


*Frequently Touched Touchpoints include but are not limited to faucets, toilet handles and seats, sinks and countertops, kitchen appliances, all light switches, door and chair handles, keyboards, mice, ope desk surfaces, phones, and elevator buttons, handrails, etc.

Ultimate Antimicrobial Surface Treatment





Effective against Microbes*


We offer our Ultimate Antimicrobial Surface Treatment using the most technologically advanced solution, AEGIS Microbe Shield, which inhibits the growth of microbes on surfaces by penetrating into small surface cracks and pores; this disrupts the growth of pathogenic bacteria and prevents contamination. It does not have unwanted side effects or cause environmental damage, and it does not require constant re-application.


This process is effective for at least six months. 


*Bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi, algae



Our Ultimate Office Disinfecting and Ultimate Antimicrobial Surface Treatment services are the Ultimate preventative approach to ensure safety, so that you
can protect your staff and visitors from the spread of illnesses and diseases.


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With the Ultimate Office Germ Protection program you’ll love knowing that you have a fully sanitized, disinfected and protected work environment.



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