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The Best Office Cleaning Services for Your Business


Kitchener Clean offers office cleaning, germ disinfection, and composting services for your business. 


We make your office a better place to work!


Kitchener Clean offers office care packages for increased convenience. In addition to our individual services, we offer packages of office cleaning services to take the hassle out of your office cleaning and care needs.




Never Clean Up After Your Cleaning Company Again


Kitchener Clean can put together a personalized package of cleaning services depending on the needs of your office.


You receive all your regular scheduled cleanings plus restorative floor care, carpet cleaning and window washing throughout the year. No more searching for individual services and companies when you require carpet cleaning, floor refinishing or seasonal window washing. No more wasted time gathering quotes and scheduling services. No more budgeting for the big ticket items. 


We manage your total office care throughout the year for an affordable monthly rate. You have the security of knowing that your office is at its optimal clean for your staff and clients.  


An Ultimate Office Care package allows you to take care of business while Kitchener Clean takes care of your office. 


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Ultimate Office Cleaning


A business cleaning service that will make your office cleaner than your home!


We design personalized office care packages which best suits your business's unique requirements, including the following services:


Ultimate Office Cleaning

  • We will make sure your office is the cleanest, healthiest space possible with the help of our commercial cleaning services.
  • We take the time to clean under everything, not just the areas that are visible.
  • We use only the best quality, non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products available.
  • We guarantee that we will clean your office to the same high standard that we would want our own homes cleaned, and will NEVER MISS A CLEANING.


Commercial cleaning service performed by Kitchener Clean cleaner wiping a computer desk.

Office Carpet Cleaning

  • We will perform routine vacuuming as part of our ultimate office cleaning, and offer options for professional carpet cleaning as well.


Office Floor Care Service

  • We provide a floor cleaning and care plan that is specifically designed to help your floors last longer.
  • We have the know-how and the finest green cleaning products available to keep all of your hard-surface flooring looking their best - both tile & grout and vinyl floors.

Office Window Cleaning

  • We offer professional window cleaning services in-house as options as well.



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Diligent office cleaner using AEGIS Microbe Shield's antimicrobial surface protection to disinfect office doors.


Ultimate Office Germ Protection Program


We understand that even though every office is different, with unique requirements and challenges, but they are also all the same.


We need to provide our employees and visitors with a safe, clean work environment with the use of our eco-friendly cleaning products and thorough office disinfection services. 



Our Ultimate Office Germ Protection program does that for you.

There are two parts to the program:


  1.  Ultimate Office Disinfection

    Our office disinfection service is a two step process. We first  manually perform a deep pre-clean of all frequently touched touchpoints to remove all dirt and debris, and then we use an electrostatic sprayer to apply a very fine mist of electrostatically charged quat-based disinfectant to ALL hard surfaces. Staff and visitors can enter the work environment ten minutes after the office disinfection is completed.


    This process should be done at least every month, if not more frequently.

  2.  Ultimate Surface Protection Program with the Aegis Microbe Shield

    Our Ultimate Surface Protection Program With The Aegis Microbe Shield treatment uses the most technologically advanced solution, AEGIS Microbe Shield, which prevents the recurrence of microbes (bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew and algae) on surfaces by penetrating into small surface cracks and pores. This disrupts the growth of pathogenic bacteria and prevents contamination. It does not have unwanted side effects or cause environmental damage, and it does not require constant re-application.


    This process is effective for at least six months.



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Kitchener Clean commercial cleaning service germ protection program brochure preview.



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Ultimate Office Compost Program


From our inception, we have been an environmentally responsible, green cleaning service.


While cleaning for our clients we noticed a large volume of organic waste generated in offices and discarded into the garbage. Businesses, unlike residences, don't have access to any formal composting programs so all waste is put into the garbage and sent to the landfill.


Kitchener Clean has developed and now proudly offers our unique office compost program, a food waste solution to businesses in the Waterloo Region


As a member of the Ultimate Office Compost program you receive a green bin to collect all your workplace's organic waste and compostable materials. All the same items that you would green bin at home can be put in the green bin in the office. This includes all food scraps, coffee grinds, tea bags, paper towels, tissues. and etc. These compostables are picked up weekly by a Kitchen Clean team member and replaced by a fresh clean green bin.


Compost bin sitting in business hallway a part of Kitchener Clean business compost program.


The organic material collected enters the compost stream in one of three ways; donated to local neighbourhood garden compost piles, sent to the region’s compost facility or used at Kitchener Clean’s worm farm where it becomes worm castings (a high grade fertilizer). 


A member of our business compost program and a valued client of Kitchener Clean, with a staff size of 20-25, managed to generate 600 pounds of organic waste in a mere span of one year!


The Ultimate Office Compost program is available on its’ own or combined with a business cleaning service for greater convenience.


In today’s world businesses need to be not only financially sustainable but environmentally and socially sustainable as well!


Will you join our office composting movement?



Download our Ultimate Office Composting program brochure


Kitchener Clean eco-friendly business compost brochure preview.



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Industries We Clean


We offer certified commercial cleaning services to a wide variety of industries across the Kitchener-Waterloo area. We offer business cleaning to both big and small businesses! If you are interested in learning more about the types of businesses we work with, keep reading!


You can also contact us to learn more!


Examples of industries we serve:


  • Many different types of office spaces
  • Local businesses
  • Corporate offices
  • Tech and start-up companies
  • And much more!


We are happy to serve many different types of office spaces and workplaces alike, including corporate offices,  and the ever-growing tech industry in the KW area. 


Serving the Tech Industry in Kitchener-Waterloo


Did you know, there has been a lot of growth in Kitchener over the last few years? In fact, Kitchener-Waterloo is actually Canada's fastest growing market for tech talent! As of November 2017, Techvibes reported that the Waterloo Region continued to lead the country in tech job growth.


Over the last five years, there have been over 8,000 new tech jobs created in this area. This is a big deal, as we are not only leading the startup scene in Canada, but are leading in all of North America. Ranked #1 in Canada and #2 in North America, second to Charlotte, North Carolina.  


This means there has been and will continue to be a huge increase in offices and office space across the region. Choosing the right office cleaning service partner is an important part of any business. Kitchener Clean is happy to serve the tech industry and help keep the creativity flowing with clean and green office spaces! 


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The Ultimate Office Care Guide:

5 Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Office Cleaning Company


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Because everyone deserves to love how their work environment looks and feels!