Office Composting Tips and Tricks

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Office composting is trending in 2019, and for good reason. Workplace settings can generate large volumes of organic waste, and all too often it is still discarded into garbage cans and sent to the landfill. There’s a better way, and Kitchener Clean is here to help. Read on to discover some helpful office composting tips and tricks, or click here to learn more about our office composting program. To begin implementing the program in your Kitchener-Waterloo area office, contact Kitchener Clean today.

Office Composting Tips and Tricks

1. Educate your office

In order to get everyone on board with an office composting program, education is key. Employees need to know a) why it’s important and b) what they need to do.

Begin by having a general information session, and then post information in the kitchen and break rooms explaining what can be composted. These posters should reiterate "why" an office composting program has been implemented. A good place to post is right beside your Office Microwave Policy.

Here’s a general guide as to what can be included in office composting:

2. Change your bin frequently

In order to avoid bad smells or different messes that come with overloaded waste bins, it’s important have it have it switched out regularly. With Kitchener Clean’s program, compostables are picked up weekly by an Office Care Technician and replaced with a fresh clean Organic Waste bin. If you are outside Kitchener Clean’s service area, help kickstart this initiative on your own using these office composting tips and tricks!

3. Shred paper before composting

You may not be aware that shredded paper can be composted, but it’s true!

According to Den Garden, “Shredded paper in the form of newsprint and bank/credit card statements provide an excellent source of required carbon. A healthy compost thrives on a ratio of 25 parts carbon to 1 part nitrogen. Since paper is almost completely carbon, it can greatly help balance a compost that has been supplied with too much nitrogenous matter.”

Additionally, moisture absorption and water retention is increased with the presence of paper, and it helps attract worms, who greatly aid in the composting process.


Did you know shredded paper can be included in your office composting?

4. Don’t compost coffee cups

There’s been some confusion over this in recent months, but it’s important to remember that most disposable coffee cups are lined with plastic and will not biodegrade like the rest of your compost. Some cups and lids are labelled as recyclable and compostable, but it depends on whether your local waste management companies are equipped to deal with them properly.

Consider this note from Tim Hortons:

Yes, the Tim Hortons cup can be recycled but it is not accepted for recycling everywhere at this time. We currently have programs in a number of our restaurants across Canada where we capture our paper cup (and other packaging) for recycling or composting. The number of locations where we offer in-store recycling continues to grow as we work with local waste management companies to expand our program. Please check your local Tim Hortons for a cup (and other packaging) recycling program. Also check your local residential recycling/composting program to see if paper coffee cups are an acceptable item.


Dispose of your coffee cups by other means.

5. Keep scraps as small as possible

The final tip is a simple one: The smaller the food scrap, the faster it can biodegrade. Therefore, try not to include full pieces of fruit or large vegetables, for example.

On top of that, make sure to remove any stickers from fruit and vegetable scraps before tossing them in the green bin. For more information, watch this video on organic recycling from the Region of Peel:

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