Insured Cleaning a Standard with Kitchener Clean

liability insurance provided by economical insurance

liability insurance provided by economical insurance

Insuring business as usual

Kitchener Clean and its' clients are protected by $5M in liability insurance so that we can focus on providing a comfortable and reliable cleaning service to the great companies we partner with.

Reducing Risk with Cleaning Suppliers

We recommend that any company considering a cleaning contractor, request a certificate of insurance liability. Professional organizations should not shoulder the risks for poor work or professionalism of contractors.

Liability Insurance Reference

Our liability insurance can be found here and is provided as part of our quotes to promote industry standards that enable both vendors and clients to flourish.

What is the purpose of a certificate of Insurance

The Certificate is an important document that serves as Kitchener Clean's evidence to customers, contractors or other third parties that Kitchener Clean has obtained insurance. It indicates that the business or individual named as the insured has the financial resources available to protect those who may come to harm through their own negligence. The certificate is more accessible than an insurance policy and can be produced more quickly and efficiently. It serves the same purpose that a driver’s proof of insurance serves to the victim of an auto accident whose car has been damaged — it shows that somewhere an insurance company issued a document saying there is a policy that may cover the loss.