Office Floor Care

Deep cleaning and stripping/refinishing

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Office Compost Program

Green Bin program at work

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Office Carpet Care

For spotless and stain-free carpets

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Office Window Cleaning

For spotless office windows

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Total Office Care

Office cleaning packages

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Non-Toxic Cleaning

Breathe clean, chemical-free air at work

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21 Years of Combined Experience

Kitchener Clean is the Office Care Specialist preferred by businesses in Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, and the surrounding areas.

✔ Non-Toxic

All of our cleaning products are non-toxic to ensure the safety of your staff. We also care about the environment. Therefore, we use only EcoLogo or Green Seal certified products when possible in your office.

✔ clean guarantee

With Kitchener Clean the 1,000th clean is as good as the 1st. We guarantee that your office will be spotless after every single visit. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us and we will happily return within 24 hours to correct the situation at no additional cost. We take pride in our work and promise that every job that we do is of the highest standard of clean. After our service, your staff and clients will be welcomed into a polished and professional work environment. They will know that your business cares about quality when they walk into your immaculate and organized workplace.

✔ We clean under things

Our standard of cleanliness is so high that we don't just clean around objects, we take the time to lift them up and clean underneath.

✔ In home quality cleaning in your office

Our company began by cleaning houses, so we understand the level of cleanliness people demand for their homes. We've taken the practices we learned and continue to use them today. We don't just clean your office as if it were an office; we clean it as if it were your home. We take extra care to ensure your bathrooms and kitchens are as clean or cleaner than what you would want in your own home.

✔ never need to re-clean

We are committed to making sure that you never have to re-clean anything. We promise to regularly follow-up with you to ensure that our Office Care Technicians have done a thorough job. We ensure that even the dirtiest and highest trafficked areas like your bathrooms, kitchen and staff rooms will sparkle.

✔ guaranteed communication response time

Our company philosophy is based on excellent communication and the highest respect for our clients. That is why we guarantee to respond to any client communication within 24 hours and we strive to respond in under 1 hour. We understand how critical it is to get issues or questions resolved quickly, therefore we aim to be the best in the industry when it comes to communication. To prove we stand behind our word, we offer a free week of Office Care to any client who contacts us and does not get a response within our 24 hour response time guarantee. At Kitchener Clean, we share your concern for quality cleaning solutions and quick resolutions to issues.

✔ consistent cleaning times

We always show up and clean our clients' offices at the prearranged time. There is never any guessing as to when your offices will be cleaned.

✔ security

For your peace of mind, all of our Office Care Technicians must go through security training and police checks. In addition, we are insured and bonded.


“I have been using Kitchener Clean for several years now. Recently added a second property. Very professional, Very thorough. They are like clockwork. I would recommend them to any business that is looking for a cleaning company they can depend on.”

-- Mark

“Great quality and feedback, these guys are very professional and an excellent cleaning company.”

-- Robert

"They do a great job, for over 5 years now. Professional, trusted, and affordable... exactly what you need in a commercial cleaner."

-- Dan

"Kitchener Clean stands apart from other cleaning companies because of the full service they offer. Not only are they professional and friendly, they are also incredibly thorough."

-- Anne Marie



We can make your office better by keeping it as clean as it can be.

You'll notice the positive impact on your staff in a number of areas including: an increase in employee morale, loyalty, a higher standard of work, an increase in productivity, and an improvement in your employee's health resulting in fewer sick days.