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How Clean is Your Office?


With people returning to the office, it’s more important than ever to have a germ-free work environment. But finding a quality office  cleaning and care company is harder than you’d expect.


Feel confident knowing your office has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by Kitchener Clean.


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We provide everything you need to make your office a cleaner and greener place to work. Because everyone deserves to love how their work environment looks and feels.  


Highly trained office cleaner disinfecting office space monitors and workstations.


Ultimate Office Cleaning


It’s hard to find both reliable and high-quality office cleaners.


As your office care and cleaning partner, Kitchener Clean ensures that our consistent, trustworthy, and highly trained cleaners properly clean and disinfect your office so that you love how your work environment looks and feels.



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Diligent office cleaner using AEGIS Microbe Shield's antimicrobial surface protection to disinfect office doors.


Ultimate Office Germ Protection Program


Before returning to work, many employees want to feel safe, knowing their office is clean and disinfected.


Kitchener Clean offers two Unique services:

  1. Our Ultimate Office Disinfectng Program providing electrostatic disinfection against bacteria and virus.
  2. Our Ultimate Surface Protection Program with The AEGIS Microbe Shield, effective against Microbes (bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew and algae) FOR A MINIMUM OF SIX MONTHS!


These preventative measures mean that you can protect your staff and customers in your work environment.



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Green compost bins outside an office workplace with a person putting a bag of compost inside.


Ultimate Office Compost Program


Don’t just green bin at home… green bin at work!


We’re proud to offer Waterloo Region’s first Ultimate Office Compost program to businesses, professional organizations, and institutions for a greener office and a greener world. 



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Kitchener-Waterloo's #1 Green Office Cleaning Service for more than 13 Years.

Cleaning service broom and mop bucket with Kitchener Clean stars. Cleaned offices more
than 37,999 times.
Cleaning service vacuum icon. Vacuumed more than
74,880,00 sq ft of carpet.
Cleaning service compost bin with leaves and dirt on it. Over 51,500 lbs of food waste
diverted from landfills.

Put it this way, we’ve cleaned, disinfected and composted a lot!


Let's discuss a custom office cleaning solution for your business.



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What our clients are saying.


Top Notch Service


We hired Kitchener Clean to clean our facility knowing full well they were not the cheapest price. We as a company were looking for Top Notch Service inside a budget and they worked with us on that. Rest assured that anytime I call, or email them with a request they get back to me within a few hours at the max and we work out whatever details of extra service I would like. That to me is most important. Communication is key when you're looking for great quality and the ability to be flexible to the changing environments of a manufacturing facility and these guys have it nailed down. If I was to get a call from another facility as a reference for Kitchener Clean I would have nothing but great things to RAVE about.




Nothing Short Of Superb


The Kitchener Clean Team has been nothing short of superb. They were able to pick us up as clients at a moments notice due to unforeseen circumstances with our previous cleaner. The communication with the owners and staff is very open and clear which makes the overall experience with this company very positive. The entire Team is courteous, friendly and professional and I would highly recommend Kitchener Clean to any office who is looking for an exceptional clean at a very competitive rate.



Fantastic To Work With


Kitchener Clean has been fantastic to work with and the quality of their work has been excellent. The owners are passionate about the work they do and have been able to train and influence their employees to do the same. There are very few complaints and response is always quick if issues come up. I would highly recommend them.


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The Ultimate Office Care Guide:

5 Important Questions to ask before Hiring an Office Cleaning Company


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Because everyone deserves to love how their work environment looks and feels